FeedHenry RainCatcher

The FeedHenry Project is pleased to introduce RainCatcher, a field workforce management (WFM) application.

Along with it, we are also opening the mobile client SDKs and application templates to help you get started in building your own mobile applications.

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FeedHenry RainCatcher

At the top-level, RainCatcher is a set of NodeJS modules that are used to develop workforce management (WFM) applications.

To help you get started, the modules come with a sample mobile application and Web portal based on Angular.js using Material Design, which you can use to bootstrap your own developments and create a solution like this.

See the Getting Started Guide as well.

Mobile SDKs

For the front-end, we have a suite of developer kits for most popular mobile platforms and for hybrid web applications.

You can build cloud-connected applications that integrate with the RHMAP platform, natively for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8+ and cross-platform using Xamarin and HTML5 frameworks like Cordova and Appcelerator.


Application Templates

Sometimes you learn best by looking at code. We have template applications so you can learn by looking at working examples.

In addition to having sample projects for the various mobile platform SDKs, we also have examples to integrate some 3rd party services and authentication methods to your application.

Read more about the templates, and of course check them out on Github.

Develop, Deploy, Manage and Monitor

FeedHenry, the mobile application platform based on open technologies, is a one stop solution for all your mobility needs.

The platform offers developers the flexibility to create native (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), hybrid, HTML5 or web apps and supports a wide variety of popular developer toolkits and frameworks.

The mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS) simplifies backend integration to business systems, speeding app delivery with reusable connectors and plug-ins.

See also the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform